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Number Name Club Eligible
27885 Anthonis Kristin Klein Brabant maybe
30603 ANTHONIS Ingrid Edegem maybe
28083 Anthonis Dirk Klein Brabant maybe
72933 ANTHIERENS Nicole Club 0201108 yes
27931 ANTHEUNIS Monique K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
2872 ANSOTTE André Smohain yes
71786 ANSIEAUX Christiane Club 0201107 yes
70329 ANSELOT Suzanne B B C maybe
30382 ANSEEUW Kathleen Pieterman maybe
31664 ANNAERT Annick Riviera maybe
9345 ANGELINI Letizia U.A.E yes
6219 ANEZO Nathalie Smohain yes
4148 ANDRY-DELORY Brigitte Charles-Quint maybe
2331 ANDROUS Eric I.C. Bridge maybe
29075 ANDRIES Roberte Flanders maybe
72558 ANDRIES Nadine Smohain yes
31242 ANDRIES Matthias Riviera maybe
16226 ANDRIES Frans Aarschot maybe
10147 ANDRIES Dinah Zwijnaarde maybe
31308 ANDRIES Alice Zennebridge maybe