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Number Name Club Eligible
73050 FLORENCE Anne-Cécile Charleroi maybe
73051 RUTTENS François Charleroi maybe
73052 SIZAINE Anne-Marie Charleroi maybe
73053 HENRY Olivier Charleroi maybe
73054 GENDEBIEN Pascal Smohain maybe
73055 SERRIER Jean-François U.A.E maybe
73056 DEMUNCK Willy Fayenbois yes
73057 BASTIEN Norbert Club 0203060 yes
73060 MERIAUX Jean-Luc B.C. Mons yes
73063 MILLER Mado B B C yes
73064 VERSTRAETEN Marguerite B B C yes
73065 ZUMAT Aida B B C yes
73066 D'HOOP DE SYNGHEM Philippe B B C yes
73067 BRANS Anne B B C yes
73069 SMIT Fabienne B B C yes
73070 DE VISSCHER Geneviève Argayon yes
73071 ZAREMBA Szymon CBMS yes
73075 BON Thomas Smohain yes
73076 CHARLES Annick Smohain yes
73077 CHARLET Jean-Luc Smohain yes