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Number Name Club Eligible
72697 RICHY Marie-Therese Espace-Pontia BC yes
72698 CORNET Joseph Espace-Pontia BC yes
72699 GERNAY Catherine Club 0201108 yes
72700 DELACROIX Joël Léopold yes
72701 JANSSENS Marc Espace-Pontia BC yes
72702 LAMINE Marie Espace-Pontia BC maybe
72703 CLOSE Jean-Marie Charles-Quint maybe
72704 ROBERT Josianne Charles-Quint maybe
72705 DURIEUX Christine Charles-Quint maybe
72706 PERCY - CAPART Ghislaine MAINS maybe
72707 BODART Pascale Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72708 DEXTERS Jean-Pierre Atelier L.L.N. maybe
72709 DE CONDE Monique Haiwai maybe
72710 JASPERS Walther Haiwai maybe
72711 DE COOPMAN Delia B B C maybe
72712 CLERIN Michel B B C maybe
72713 BALTHAZAR Laurence B B C maybe
72714 COLAUT Jean B B C yes
72715 FONCK Alain B B C maybe
72716 GUEUNING Catherine B B C maybe