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Number Name Club Eligible
72677 MARECHAL Béatrice Smohain yes
72678 MEURICE Geneviève Smohain maybe
72679 MINEUR Monique Smohain maybe
72680 NOTTE Jane Smohain maybe
72681 NOTTE Vincent Smohain maybe
72682 PAULET Jean-Pierre Smohain maybe
72683 POOS Gabrielle Smohain maybe
72684 POUCHAIN Pierrette Smohain yes
72685 REGNIER Valérie Smohain yes
72686 ROLIN Bernadette Smohain maybe
72687 SASSEN Carine Smohain yes
72688 SCHEPPERS DE BERGSTEIN Catherine Smohain yes
72689 STIENON Brigitte Smohain yes
72690 VERITER Elisabeth Smohain yes
72691 WALCH Catherine Smohain maybe
72692 SECHELEA Andrei B B C yes
72693 DE SCHAETZEN Guislain B B C yes
72694 DERUYCK Christian B B C maybe
72695 DE RUYCK Chantal B B C maybe
72696 OOSTENS Chris B B C yes