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Number Name Club Eligible
73106 HOUBRECHT Annette Chaudfont. yes
73104 MATAGNE Daniel Chaudfont. yes
73103 VANHEES Jacques Club 0201106 yes
73102 MINGUET Laurent C-Perron yes
73101 MINGUET Martine C-Perron yes
73100 DEBUSSCHE Jean-Claude Club 0201107 yes
73098 LINARD Nicole Club 0201107 yes
73095 WAUTIER Dominique Smohain yes
73094 VANOPDENBOSCH Brigitte Smohain yes
73093 VAN GELDER Gerry Smohain yes
73092 THIRY Michèle Smohain yes
73091 STIENNON Damienne Smohain yes
73090 SEYNHAEVE Jean-Marie Smohain yes
73089 SEGHIN Dominique Smohain yes
73088 SCHOONENBRUG Andrée Smohain yes
73087 ROLAND Laurence Smohain yes
73086 ROLAND Philippe Smohain yes
73085 MASSART Christine Smohain yes
73084 LAMEIR Erik Smohain yes
73083 FREYLING Géraldine Smohain yes