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Number Name Club Eligible
371 GELIBTER Bernadette B B C yes
373 OOSTERBOSCH Marie-José C-Perron maybe
376 BOLLE Michel B B C yes
379 BONNAVENTURE Monique Montjoie yes
385 BOON Jean B B C maybe
408 BOURDEAU Flora B B C maybe
413 BOURGUIGNON Guy Hirondelle maybe
440 BRIOT Fernand Namur yes
441 BRIOT Marie-Louise Halse maybe
441 BRIOT Marie-Louise Smohain maybe
442 GOOSSENS Janine C-Perron maybe
446 BRONCHART Michel Parilasne maybe
464 LEMOINE Paul Fayenbois maybe
468 BUSLAIN Marianne Smohain yes
476 CAFFIEAUX Janine Club 0201107 yes
491 DONAY Monique Perron maybe
509 CEURVORST Monique Léopold maybe
511 CHABOTIER Jean B B C yes
524 CHARLIER Pierre PAWO maybe
534 GOBBE Ginette Charleroi maybe