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Number Name Club Eligible
31694 WILLEMIJNS Alex Heusden maybe
32695 WILLEMEN Ann Riviera maybe
18519 Willemarck Christiane Witte Beer maybe
4990 WILLEM-BEGHON Josée Espace-Pontia BC yes
8626 WILLEM Véronique Espace-Pontia BC yes
8625 WILLEM Jean Espace-Pontia BC yes
20972 WILLEM Hugo Blankenberge maybe
17599 WILLEKENS Jos M.B.C.L. maybe
11799 WILLEKENS Christiane De Teuten maybe
21072 WILLEKENS Alfons Retiese maybe
7969 WILLAME Jean-Claude C.B. WSL yes
7376 WILLAME Françoise Phenix maybe
32110 WILLAERT Patricia Dulcinea maybe
31576 WILLAERT Omer Riviera maybe
14397 WILLAERT Marc Roeselare maybe
30543 WILLAERT Hilde K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
71493 WILKIN Martine Chaudfont. yes
25994 WILK Fanny Maccabi maybe
25994 WILK Fanny Beerschot maybe
6702 WILDIERS Lydia B B C yes