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Number Name Club Eligible
1929 SCOTT Joan CBUE maybe
1931 SCREPEL Robert Charleroi maybe
1934 SEGHERS Michel B B C maybe
1935 SEHA Francine Perron maybe
1937 SEIFERT Pierre Halse maybe
1942 SERRANE Francis PAWO maybe
1947 GLEICHMANN Christa MAINS yes
1952 SIMON Michèle C-Perron maybe
1972 GAON-SPITZER Yvonne V.O.B.C. maybe
1974 SQUILBIN Michel Phenix maybe
1975 STALMANS André C.B. WSL maybe
1978 STAS Jacques B B C yes
1985 JOLY Brigitte C-Perron yes
2002 SZERER Henri C-Perron maybe
2011 TCHERNIAEFF Michel Charles-Quint maybe
2026 SCHEPS Paul V.O.B.C. maybe
2028 TIELEMANS Jean-Marie B B C yes
2029 TIFOUS Nourredine B B C yes
2045 TOURIEL Ninette Cercle Perron maybe
2054 TURNEER Roger Electrabel maybe