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Number Name Club Eligible
32695 WILLEMEN Ann Riviera maybe
31694 WILLEMIJNS Alex Heusden maybe
72204 WILLEMS Andrée Bercuit maybe
27388 WILLEMS Annie Retiese maybe
31758 WILLEMS Anny K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
17820 Willems Clement K.A.Union-Sandeman maybe
72111 WILLEMS Dominique B B C maybe
30980 WILLEMS Eric Kleintje Belooft maybe
30747 WILLEMS Gabriele Pieterman maybe
31342 WILLEMS Hubert Genkt en Denkt maybe
5521 WILLEMS Jacques CBMS maybe
31899 WILLEMS Jean-Marie Dulcinea Jabbeke maybe
71935 WILLEMS Katelyne U.A.E maybe
26835 WILLEMS Leo Wobridge maybe
70772 WILLEMS Liliane B.C. Mons maybe
31574 WILLEMS Linda Riviera maybe
31278 WILLEMS Lisette Acol maybe
27542 WILLEMS Lucas Riviera maybe
8363 WILLEMS Marie C-Perron maybe
32185 WILLEMS Martin De Eburoon maybe