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Number Name Club Eligible
23310 WEYTJENS Guido Pieterman maybe
31841 WEYTS Guy Retiese maybe
14388 WHITTINGHAM John Haiwai maybe
32365 WHYSALL Michael Denksportclub UA maybe
8391 WIATR Marc UMA maybe
70389 WIBAULT Annie Smohain maybe
30569 WIBAUT Philippe Beerschot maybe
2283 WIELEMANS Eric Léopold maybe
26102 WIEN Naty Maccabi maybe
24129 WIERCKX Ludo Pieterman maybe
2652 WIERTZ Francis Fayenbois maybe
31371 WIJMEERSCH Bert Lokeren maybe
16356 WIJNANT Bart Westrand maybe
27912 WIJNANTS Georgette De Kollebloem maybe
15260 WIJNANTS Guido Lokeren maybe
30661 WIJNANTS Jan Bilzen maybe
29602 WIJNANTS Marina Retiese maybe
22783 WIJNEN Bart Genk maybe
32413 WIJSHOFF Guus maybe
71521 WILBAUX Francis BNPPF maybe