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Number Name Club Eligible
70931 BARA Edouard Fayenbois maybe
71243 BARA Edouard Fayenbois maybe
28840 BARAS Albert Pieterman maybe
71858 BARBASON Antoine Chaudfont. maybe
19981 BARBEZ Ivan B.G.K. maybe
19130 BARBIER Anne Forum maybe
28825 BARBIER Hilde Klein Brabant maybe
31553 BARBIER Marie-Thérèse Zwijnaarde maybe
23531 BARBIER Miche Koksijde Hof ter Hille maybe
19781 BARBIER Pierre Nobele Donk maybe
4314 BARCHON Alain UMA yes
72417 BARDY Patricia B B C yes
26849 BARGE Lonette Flanders maybe
71358 BARLET Léon Fontainebleau maybe
30181 BARNICH Andrée Wobridge maybe
71699 BARNICH Xavier PAWO maybe
9755 BAROEN Nicole Hirondelle maybe
72532 BARRANCO Rosario Waremme maybe
71688 BARREAU Brigitte CBMS maybe
71687 BARREAU Jean CBMS maybe