Covid Protocol RBBF 18-11-2021

We remind all clubs of the following directives imposed by the Board of Directors of the RBBF and their consequences.

Before entering the playing area all players have to show their CST, home teams have to appoint a person who is to make sure all players show their validated CST. It is strongly advised that this person (these persons) download the app beneath, which will enable them to do the checking easily and relatively fast  or

Any player who cannot show his/her CST is not entitled to enter the playing areas.

In the event that a team cannot field four players due to lack of a ticket, the team will be sanctioned with a forfeit score.

Should a visiting team have remarks concerning the non-observance of the Covid procedures by the home team, the team is requested to report this on the match sheet and also inform the Competition Director. These reports are very important and should not be regarded as snitches.

Clubs not complying with Covid procedures will be sanctioned.
Paul Meerbergen
Competition Director

Corona Protocol RBBF as of 18 November 2021  

Following the government's decisions on the Covid measures of the 17th of November 2021 the Corona Protocol of the RBBF has been adapted.

As of the 18th of November 2021 

- CO2 measurement and ventilation are mandatory.

- a Covid Safe Ticket is mandatory for all participants and kibitzers. Clubs are responsible for checking this.

- disinfectant hand dispensers are to be placed at the entrance and on each table.

- mouth masks must be worn when not sitting at a table and throughout a bridge event from the moment more than 50 persons are in the playing area.

- the use of personal bidding boxes is recommended.

- duplications are recommended.


Paul Meerbergen

Competition Director