Competition matches in Brussels - Covid Save Ticket

Dear captains,

From the 15th of October 2021 the Covid Safe Passport will be obligatory for events in the Brussels region. Unfortunately we have been waiting in vain for directives as to how far this applies to our bridge competition. We do not know from how many people the Passport will be needed or whether bridge will be categorized under sports events.

We hereby inform you that the Board of Directors of the RBBF decided that unless other directives are published tomorrow (of later)
- all players playing in  Brussels have to show their Covid Safe Passport on entering the playing areas
- persons who are to control are appointed by the CNC
- players who cannot show their CSP are not entitled to play
- in case a team has no four players because lacking a CSP the team will be sanctioned with a forfait score.

We realize that all this is very short notice. Attached you will find the latest official notice.

Kind regards
Paul Meerbergen