National Team competition - results communication online only


Due to circumstances, the usual phone number for the match results of the national team competition by phone or sms is not longer available.

Please enter the results yourself online before saturday 21 PM.

All captains and clubcaptains have access tot the website.

Transmission can be done by PC, tabblad or smartphone.

you will have to login with your username (= license number) and your password.

Please enter also the players names, and notify if there are some remarks or rulings on the contest sheet.


Warning nat teams competition - players and convention cards

Message from the competition director.


To all team captains,

Some of you did not upload their players and convention cards as stipulated in the rules and regulations of the national teams competition (article 27 and 29).

All teams concerned recieve a warning and are urged tot do the necessary as soon as possible (at latest on fr 23/9/2016).

If not, other measures will be taken.