News on trials for the 55th European team championships

Update on trials for the 55th European team championships (17 to 27 June 2020)

The Open Team trials are now completed and has been won by the team Caputo.

So, Mike Van Der Vorst – Philippe Caputo, Steven De Donder – Sam Babhout, Steve De Roos – Geert Arts will represent Belgium in the Open Team competition. Their non-playing captain will be Zvi Engel. 

Champion’s Race 2018-2019

The Champion’s Race is a yearly competition for which expert points can be won in all Belgian Championships. 
Most points can be gathered in the national teams competition, but points can also be won in a selection of tournaments organized by clubs, e.g. Fauconnier, Schaal Vlaeymans.

Next year a novelty will be introduced: a Belgian Championship Robot Bridge.  The 16 best players that participated all Sundays on FUN BRIDGE in the tournaments of the RBBF will be invited to the Belgian Championship Robot Bridge on 15 August 2020; it is free final.