RBBF Protocol Corona Competition 2021/2022

Protocol Corona Competition 2021/2022

In the competition 2021-2022 Corona rules imposed by the government have to be respected. Local authorities (region, province, communities) may impose further and possibly more severe measures. This reglementation may change weekly depending on decisions of higher/central authorities.The competition follows the regulation for “fewer than 50 persons inside”; therefore, we are to live up to measures imposed on cafés and restaurants. The situation as today:
General rules:
● In Flanders a CO² meter is obligatoire (recommended in Brussels and Wallonia) and good ventilation are to be provided
● Handdispensers to desinfect hands are to be provided
● Mouth masks are obligatory when not sitting at the table. This rule will probably no longer be valid from the 1st of October in the Flemish part and in most of Wallonia; however in Brussels and very probably the province of Liège masks will remain obligatory after the 1st of October. The decision will be taken by governor Jamar in the following days.
● Plexi-screens are no longer obligatory
● Distance of 2,5m, resp 1,5 m between the tables is no longer necessary, except for the Liège region (to be confirmed shortly by Mr Jamar).


● Use of personal bidding box
● Avoid shaking hands
● Desinfect your hands during half time
Paul Meerbergen
Competition Director