Championship 2020-2021 - COVID19 - Cancelled

Message 06/11/2020

Dear captains,

It has been decided no more competition matches will be played in 2020.  However, we hope  live bridge will be resumed in January 2021; if so we can still finish the competition 2020-2021.

If not we will further postpone the competition as far as needed. In that case other competitions will probably be cancelled.

If the competition matches cannot be played in Riviera because the bar is closed, at least some matches can be played in Brussels.

A national competition on BBO is found to be no option. There is not enough time to organize it properly and we do not know for sure when the competition can be resumed.

Moreover, there are too many opportunities for cheating, making granting expert points and assigning a national title impossible. 

Kind regards,

For the CNC

Alain Labaere

President CNC

Message 19/09/2020

On 19 September 2020 the Board of Directors of the RBBF was summoned following a complaint against the Federation.

The Board, together with both Leagues,  decided to reopen the transfer period for the teams competition 2020-2021. The reason for this decision is that the competition in the divisions lower than Honour was cancelled after the deadline  of the official transfer period (31 August).

 A player can therefore still apply for a transfer from 21 September up to 28 September 2020, condition being that the president of his/her current club agrees with the transfer.

Message 09/2020

Dear captains,
It is now final. The Honour division is the only division that will play in our National Teams Competition 2020-2021. All captains are to subscribe their teams and basic players on the site of the RBBF before the 18th of September 2020.
The Regulations of the National Teams Competition 2020-2021 are applicable, so as before each team consists of maximum six basic players. In the course of the round robin two substitutes may be lined up on specific conditions:
- each replacement has to be approved by the Competition Director
- a substitute can be any member of the club the team is playing for as long as he/she was a member of the club on the 1 st of September 2020
- a substitute can replace a basic player only twice (two match days)
- a substitute cannot play for two different teams in Honour; a possible competition in either of the leagues is not taken into account, so a player who played in that competition on Saturday can still play in Honour on Sunday if all
other condition are met.
Because of the special situation all six basic players will be allowed to play the finals no matter how many matches he/she played in the round robin.
At the end of the competition there will be a Belgian Team Champion, but there are no relegations.
We hope this special edition will be limited to one year and for this year… Enjoy!


Kind regards,
Paul Meerbergen
Competition Director


Message 06/09/2020

Dear captain,

On the 26th of August 2020 you received a letter of information on the National Teams Competition 2020-2021 together with two protocols.  In spite of the fact that these protocols had been approved by the Board of Directors of the RBBF, the VBL decided one-sidedly to forbid its members to take part in the National Teams Competition. The VBL did not accept that masks do not have to be worn when plexy screens are in use. So, contrary to the approved protocol the VBL insists on wearing masks also when playing with plexy screens.

As a result the National Teams Championships 2020-2021 are cancelled, except for Honnour Division, where the competition will proceed as planned. 

Both leagues will try to find ways to give their teams the opportunity to take part in an alternative championship.                                                                                                           

As pointed out before teams of all divisions will start the Competition 2021-2022 in the division they were scheduled in for the Competition 2020-2021.

Kind regards,

Paul Meerbergen
Competition Director

Message 26/08/2020
Dear captains,

Attached you will find attached the a message from the Director of the National Teams Competition by Team 2020-2021.
Our concern in the preparation has always been and will remain to preserve the health of the players.

The organization prepared for you for this season, by the National Competitions Committee and the RBBF Board of Directors with the assistance of the Director of Refereeing and his team, although very different from previous years, will allow us to play at the Bridge in the best sanitary conditions and for your pleasure.

We are all aware that the evolution of the health situation in our the country, the decisions of the National Security Council and local or regional regulations could may force us to make other more changes. We will keep you informed on the site

With all our best wishes for this very special season.


Information letter from the Competition Director New V4

New Information letter from the Competition Director 14/9

Calendar 2020-2021 (French - Dutch) New V5

Covid Protocol for clubs (French - Dutch)

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Paul Meerbergen

Competition Director