44th World Bridge Team Championships 14-28/09/2019

Saturday, 14 September, 2019 to Saturday, 28 September, 2019

The 44th World Bridge Team Championships, including Bermuda Bowl, Venice Cup, D’Orsi Senior Bowl, National Mixed Teams, and the 12th World Transnational Open Teams will be held at the Wuhan International Convention Center, Wuhan, Hubei Province, China from Saturday 14th to Saturday 28th  September 2019.

More information will be available in due course – you can find the official announcement of this at :


Please let your players know so that if they are competing in your Zonal Championships – or indeed if they have already done so and qualified – they are aware of where and when the event is to be.

In addition, please help us to publicise the World Transnational Open Teams … this is enjoyed by so many as it gives them the opportunity to play and enjoy the atmosphere and excitement of a World event.

As more information becomes available it will, of course, be posted on the WBF Website.