Resumption and end of the 2021-2022 championship

The board of directors of the RBBF decided last night on the resumption of the 2021-2022 national team championship and the closing arrangements for this championship.
Below you will find the message of the President of the RBBF and the Director of Competition sent to all Division II & III captains as well as a link to the new national competition schedule established by the Referee General.
Good reading and best success for the end of this "horibilis" year.
Dear Captains,
We can finally play bridge again. In recent weeks we have been looking for the best way to end the competition. Finally, at the request of the majority of clubs, we decided to try to play all the matches, in order to arrive at the fairest possible final result.
We are aware that the ideal solution that suits everyone does not exist in the current situation. Finally, we have chosen the formula below, knowing that it will not suit everyone, but we want to give the maximum chance to the competition.
Last night, the RBBF Board of Directors approved the following schedule:
  • January 29: 10th day of the original calendar
  • February 5: Day 11
  • February 12: Day 12
  • February 19: Matchday 13
  • March 26: Matchday 14
The 14th day remains a protected match day; no further matches can be played after March 26.

Most teams have played 8 games, but some have already played 9. It was therefore decided to resume competition at the same time as the 10th day of the championship.

Matches that are not scheduled in this calendar should therefore be played before March 26, 2022. For the vast majority of teams, this is a single match; for 9 teams it is 2 and for 2 teams 3 matches. If each team had played the same number of games, central planning would be obvious. This is not the case, so we assume that the planning of these catch-up matches is best done by the captains themselves; after all, there are too many factors to consider. For these catch-up matches, 4 reserve weeks have been included in the schedule.

We understand that it will not be easy for the captains to organize everything, but we are counting on the flexibility and sportsmanship of all the participants, so that the championship can end as normally as possible.

If a team fails to play a match, we will need to assign a forfeit score for that match. The forfeit score will not be the usual 12-0. The team that can play will initially receive 12, but this score will be adjusted if the average of the games played is higher than 12 (normal rule). The forfeiting team obtains as forfeit score the average of its matches played with a maximum of 8.

To be clear: the rules that were communicated in an email of January 4 are no longer valid.

We hope for your understanding and wish you a pleasant end of the competition.


Kind regards,                                            


Raf Bahbout



Paul Meerbergen

Competition Director


Royal Belgian Bridge Federation

Calendrier 2021-22 V7 Fr
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