Championship 2020-2021

Dear captains,

We suppose most of you are waiting for news on the teams competition 2020-2021, some of you have asked explicitly for up to date information.
Unfortunately we cannot tell you anything that is 100% certain, but 
- at the moment it looks as if the competition can start as foreseen, i.e. on the first Saturday of October 
- protective measures will have to be taken by both clubs and players 

For clear and final information on how the matches have to be organized, we'll have to wait  for instructions from both the political authorities and the RBBF. 

Next week the CNC will finalize the Regulations 2020-2021, there will only be a few minor changes, but it is certain that we will stick to the rule that teams in Honour and 1st National consist of maximum 6 players. In the course of the competition 2 substitutes can be lined up under strict conditions. In no way will it be accepted that either of the substitutes can be looked upon as a seventh player of the team.

Kind regards,
Paul Meerbergen 
Competition Director